Rh Busnello's Solution


Cabinet de Recrutement & Coaching spécialisé France Brésil
Empresa de Recrutamento & Coaching especializada França Brasil

The right combination of people makes all difference in driving the growth of the organization.
RH Busnello’s Solutions was founded in 2014 in Paris and in São Paulo to help French and Brazilian companies to source the optimal candidates as 'human capital', to build powerful and effective teams, to provide the best recruitment solutions, to identify the ‘right candidate for the right job’ AND ‘the right job for the right candidate’.
In using the term ‘human capital' we draw your attention to the fact that we respect people. We target sustainable hiring because we know that if we find a position which the candidate describes as his ideal position, both company and candidate will thrive.

Avenida Paulista, 726 cj 1303 / 01310-910 São Paulo - SP – BR / +55 11 97042 3347
23 Rue Balzac / 75008 Paris - FR / +33 6 62 93 93 75